Group rides

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We often organise special rides for groups from residential homes, day centres and schools. These can usually be organised at a time to suit the group and are a great day out for all concerned. To make the occasion even more fun a ride can be combined with a picnic out in the park afterwards – or just an exploration of other parts of Bushy Park.

The Stockyard, where we have our base, is located in a quiet part of Bushy Park which is not open to the general public

We share this private area with the Parks management team, contractors and several other user groups. This gives Companion Cycling staff and visitors privileged access by bike through gates leading directly into the Park.

We ask all users to respect the other groups and Park staff and their right to carry out their activities undisturbed. 

The main park is a large area, where wild deer roam and the public are routinely encountered. We recommend that group organisers conduct a full and thorough risk assessment to ensure they have adequate staff and measures in place to contain and manage any individual behaviour that could present a risk to self or others.

Please note that it is essential that visiting groups provide a sufficient number (and capability) of carers to ensure they are able to manage challenging behaviour from any of their users.

We would discourage groups from bringing known absconders or those with very challenging behaviour, and reserve the right to withhold our services where necessary for the good of our visitors and volunteers.

With our wide range of cycles we can accommodate mixed ability groups of up to 10 people provided that the group comes with a good ratio of carers and other helpers (who should be able to cycle!).

Please note that guardians or carers who come with our users must always be responsible for them. Our volunteers cannot take any responsibility for users. For that reason we do not require DBS checks for our volunteers.