Riding our bikes

When you book a ride with Companion Cycling it will cost you £2:00 for a one hour ride. We do not normally hire out the bikes for longer than one hour at a time.

It is often the case that carers or guardians will ride with the person they are caring for, but if for any reason this isn’t possible then one of our volunteers may be available to ride with them by prior arrangement . But remember, you are coming for a bike ride so be sure you know how to ride a bike as you need to be with the person you are caring for at all times, even if a volunteer is riding a double bike with them. (Yes, we have had a number of carers come along only to say they can’t ride a bike!) 

It is always advisable to carry a mobile phone with you when you are riding in the park and to have our office number saved in your contacts. This means that if you have a problem whilst you are riding in the park you can call our office so that one of our volunteers can come to your assistance.

If you haven’t ridden with us before make sure that one of our volunteers has explained the controls on the bike you are riding as they are all rather different from an ordinary two wheeled bike. It is essential that you practice riding your chosen bike to ensure that you are confident riding it before you set off into Bushy Park. Be aware that some of the bikes are quite heavy and can be hard work, especially if the person you are riding with isn’t helping with the pedalling.

When riding in the park take special care as dogs and small children can be unpredictable and may suddenly come into your path. There are also a number of potholes and other obstacles which can cause problems both for you and for our bikes, so please be aware.

Please note that our bikes should NEVER be ridden on public roads except in exceptional circumstances. We ask that you DO NOT CROSS CHESTNUT AVENUE (the road through the middle of the park) as this is often busy and is hazardous both for our bikes and our users.