Our Cycles

Some of our Special Needs Cycles

(Please note: we are not a cycle dealer and do not sell any of the cycles shown here. Please go to our links page for details of suppliers.)

We also have a range of tricycles and a number of conventional bikes for children or adults accompanying other riders. 

All our special dual cycles, with the exception of Duet, are side-by-side machines. These are all controlled (steering, braking and gears) by the rider on the right – who we call the ‘pilot’. The rider on the left is able to help move things along by pedalling, or in the case of Plum by hand cranking. All the cycles have gears and safety ‘parking’ brakes as well as various other safety features

                                  Twin Ridershowie3
We have four similar twin cycles which are two normal bikes joined together to link the steering, braking and pedalling. The person on the right hand bike has all the controls whilst the person on the left hand bike can help with the pedalling. These cycles are great fun to ride and are best suited to young people and smaller adults, but can safely be ridden by all ages.

gambol 2Side-by- Side 
  A side-by-side semi-recumbent tricycle which enables both riders to pedal either together or independently. The comfortable seats and low seating position makes this cycle very stable and easy to control. A seat belt and footplates add to the security of the rider. 


Hand cranked side-by-side (Plum)trevor
Another side-by-side semi-recumbent tricycle out of the same stable as side by side and with many of the same features, the principal difference being that Plum is hand cranked on one side and has a large footrest.


Wheelchair tandem – Duetduet3a
Duet is a brilliant combination of wheelchair and mountain bike – like a wheelchair rickshaw.
The chair has adjustable head and foot rests, a full safety harness, plus push-rims and spoke guards, and can be detached from the cycle to make mounting and dismounting easier.



For those users who are unable to transfer from their own wheelchair into the Duet (shown above) we have Velo which has a platform at the front which a wheelchair can be wheeled onto and anchored in place.