Safety Features

Most of our cycles have added safety features to ensure the added comfort and security of riders. Some of these features are indicated below.


footplate (howie)           footplate (ross)
 Footplate on  Howie             Footplate on Ross

Many of our cycles have special footplates to help retain the riders feet in the best riding position.


howie backrest     silver backrest
 Backrest on Howie             Backrest on silver

To ensure the comfort and security of riders many of the cycles are fitted with backrests.

Parking brakes

parking brake (plum)        parking brake (ross)
Parking brake on plum      Parking brake on ross

Most of our cycles have some form of parking brake which allows riders to mount and dismount the cycle without it rolling away on a slope.

Safety Features of Duet 

footrest (duet)                               harness (duet)
                                      Footrest (Duet)                                 Harness (Duet)
The height of the footrest                        The full harness and seat pads
can be adjusted to suit the                       help to support the rider in the
needs of the rider.                                       best position.