(Please note:we are not a cycle dealer and do not sell any of the cycles shown here. Please go to our links page for details of suppliers.)

tricyclesA selection of some of our tricycles

We have a variety of special tricycles ranging from a small child’s tricycle up to an adult sized machine. Many of these have added safety features such as footplates, backrests and seatbelts.

Towing one of the trikes using a pull-rod

Towing one of the trikes using a pull-rod

We have a number of trikes made by Theraplay which are specially designed to enable people to learn to ride. They are very low geared, making them slow but easy to pedal. They are also fixed wheel, meaning that the bike will move both forwards and backwards depending on which way the rider pedals. The advantage of this is that by attaching a pull rod to the front forks the trike can be pulled along and the pedals will turn, thus giving the rider the idea of pedalling with the ultimate aim of them learning to pedal independently.